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A long history (Trade)

One-belt and one-road initiative brings about new opportunities while trade promotes rapid industrial development.

Trade is the foundation for the career establishment of Wuyang, making it perpetually youthful when trade is combined with industry.


In the changeable world of business, people of Wuyang firmly believe that operation does not only lie in products, but service and sincerity all the more! People of Wuyang started with trade for their undertakings by relying on their perpetual honesty and dilligence, acute insight into markets and solemn promise in doing business.

By taking domestic and foreign resources as well as expanding domestic and foreign markets as vanguards, adhering to the core values of trustworthiness as the basis, extensive cooperation for win-win results and quality service, and through domestic trade, self-operated import and export and agency-oriented import and export, Wuyang is steadily advancing on the road of dual expansion of domestic trade and international trade at simultaneous pace.

Self-operation and agency-oriented international and domestic trade as dual expansion.

In 1998, Wuyang became the second enterprise having gained the independent right of import and export in terms of foreign trade in Taicang.

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